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take it easy, love nothing.

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my name is


i'm nothing special. :]

a day to remember, a million little pieces, against me!, ahfatp, alesana, amberpecific, americas next top model, anberlin, anti-flag, as i lay dying, atreyu, augustana, awe of the slaughter, billy idol, blondie, blood, blood brothers, bones, books, brand new, bright eyes, car rides, chiodos, chris garneau, circa survive, coffee, copeland, counting crows, cruel intentions, cuddling, cute animals, dance club massacre, daphne loves derby, dark chocolate, dear apparition, death cab for cutie, dracula, drive ins, drop dead gorgeous, edgar allan poe, evergreen terrace, flyleaf, from first to last, further seems forever, glassjaw, good jeans, gore, gregory and the hawk, hair dye, have fun dying, hellogoodbye, icmamlnb, incubus, inkwell, jewelry, laughing, life, literature, lola ray, long walks, look what i did, love letters, lovedrug, lyrics, magic, make up, mindfreak, most precious blood, music, musicals, new found glory, painting, paramore, phantom of the opera, photography, playradioplay!, poetry, reading, regina spektor, rent, rise against, road trips, running with scissors, say anything, scary kids scaring kids, shoes, silverstein, smiling, someplace to crash, something to fight for, special effects, star gazing, stephen king, story of the year, strike anywhere, stuttering, summertimeeee, sunshine, sweatpants, symphony in peril, tattoos, texting, the black dahlia murder, the devil wears prada, the nightmare before christmas, the oc, the shins, the spill canvas, the used, this day and age, travelling, twiggy, underoath, vampires, vienna teng, vincent vangogh, vogue, will & grace, wise crash, yeah yeah yeahs, young love